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    Justine Ang Fonte, M.Ed, MPH


    Health Education

  • "Health is the state of complete

    physical, emotional, and social well-being,

    and not merely

    the absence of disease or infirmity."

    -World Health Organization

  • About Justine

    pronouns: she/THEY

    I am a strong believer that health education is social justice education. I promote allyship, exercising one's agency over their own body, and embracing one's authentic self. This is the crux of my health philosophy and pedagogy. Social justice is a public health issue and healthy students make for strong learners.


    I build health and wellness programs in public, independent day, and boarding schools that address the unique character of each community. The lens in which I develop curricula is progressive, interdisciplinary, sex-positive, intersectional, stigma-busting, and relevant.


    Experiencing health is not equally accessible to all. The social barriers to realizing health are multifaceted and a responsibility of comprehensive health education to include. This is why health education is social justice education.

    With roots in education as a middle school math teacher, I experienced first hand the direct impact that insufficient health education and access to care had in the classroom.


    The academic achievement gap cannot be addressed effectively without also addressing the health gap. This issue is evident beyond the schools in the U.S. and so my teaching and consulting have extended to my family's province in the Philippines.


    Health and social justice include access to education, exercising agency, practicing empathy, achieving equity, and obtaining care.


    In schools, I work directly with students, faculty, and parents. Outside of school communities, I work in remote areas because health is a human right and should not be limited by location or income.


    How did I get here?

    Watch an excerpt from the 2015 Independent School Health Leader's Conference in Raleigh, NC