• Offerings

    Health Education programming for your school, organization, or community

    Program Development

    curriculum development, peer review reports, presentations, trainings

    Every community is different. I can help you build or enhance a health education program that parallels your community's values, is comprehensive, holistic, relevant, and engaging.


    The Whole Child: what health education can actually be


    Let's Talk About Sex: sex-positive programming K-12

    Workshops & Training

    professional development for school faculty, parent education, student education in classrooms

    A Sample of Classroom Lessons

    K-2: Consent for Kids, My Body is Mine, Love Makes a Family, My Identities Are

    Grades 3-5: Growing up: What changes do we see in our brains, body, and heart?, The Spectrum of Gender Identity, Consent & Personal Boundaries

    Grade 6-8: Flirting or Hurting?, Your Authentic Online Self, Body Image, Dismantling Gender Scripts, Health at Every Size

    Grade 9-12: Defining Love & Self-Worth, Porn Literacy, Rape Culture in the Media, Consent and Power Structures, Protective Methods, Privilege & Double Standards, Real Sexpectations: Decision-Making, Sex, Pleasure, & Boundaries


    conferences, panels, school assemblies

    A Sample List of Adult Education Presentations

    • Parent Sex Ed 101: The Pillars
    • Parent Sex Ed 102: How to Answer Questions about Sex
    • Porn Literacy
    • Snaps, Selfies, & Sexts: Parenting #GenZ in the Age of Digital Sexuality
    • Decolonizing Romance & Beauty
    • Love, Consent, and Porn: Dismantling Toxic Masculinity
    • Privilege, Proximity, Progress: From Patriarchy to Feminism
    • Teen Social Scene: Sex and Drugs
    • Parenting on Pleasure